Manifesting Intent
Panama City, Panama - February 24, 2015 (Only by invitation)

TEDxPuntaPaitilla features exceptional people with positions of authority in modern society to present a picture of contemporary thought. It's is an event meant to spark discussion about diverse topics that are meaningful in our lives. By mixing TED Talks on video with live speakers we intend to create a stimulating event that combines familiar topics with new areas of exploration. In the spirit of ideas worth sharing this event will be recorded and shared within the local community and to the public at large.

Speaker Lineup
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Carlos Cruz-Diez
Carlos Cruz-Diez is a visual artist. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, he has lived and worked in Paris since 1960. His artistic roots reach back to the Movimiento Cinético [Kinetic Movement] of the 1950s and 1960s. As his thinking on the visual arts has evolved, his ideas have changed attitudes on how color is ...
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Matthew C Larsen

Matthew Larsen
Matthew C. Larsen has been the Director of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute since August of 2014.  Prior to his role he was the Associate Director for Climate and Land-Use Change at the U.S. Geological Survey. Larsen was responsible for USGS climate-change research, adaptation and mitigation programs ...
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Jimmy Papadimitriu
Currently Jimmy Papdimitriu, is Associate Director PSG Consultants Panama. In 2014 Jimmy wrote Juan Carlos Varela’s spots in the election of 2014 and was a collaborator of the current President of Panama’s strategic group. He was Minister of the Presidency in Panama, from July 2009 to July 2012. Jimmy ...
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Mario Castrellon
After finishing his studies in hospitality and tourism in Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT) in Barcelona, Castrellón Mario decides to return to Panama with the vision of the new trends in Spain and the goal of defining a new cuisine to his country. After being the chef at two restaurants in Panama City, he begins...
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Eva Hughes
Eva Hughes, from 2012 appointed CEO of Condé Nast Mexico & Latin America, which publishes Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Architectural Digest. She was director of Vogue magazine for 10 years. Under her direction the circulation of the magazine reached its maximum historical levels. She edited the book The Book of ...
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Miguel Mier
Miguel is the Chief Operating Officer of Cinepolis. With Cinepolis: 1994-99, he has been head of IT; 1999-2003, Operations Director. Since 2003 his current position: Chief Operating Officer. During Miguel’s tenure as COO Cinépolis has evolved from a company running 280 screens in Mexico to a company with 3,600 ...
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Herman Hanssen
Herman is a financial leader within Philips. Currently he is acting as Head of Finance for Philips Latin and Site Leader Panama Center of Excellence. Over last years, his responsibility covered markets in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin Americas. Within this global environment he ...
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Amy Hackett-Jones
Authentic leadership, passion, integrity, vision, clear communication, commitment and action are for the most part missing in business and politics today.
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Raul Serebrenik Ghitis
Experto asesor de patrimonios y Legados familiares. Tiene experiencia como miembro de juntas Directivas de Empresas Familiares, Filantropía y ONG. Curso el B. S. Pure Math y Computer Science e Historia & Filosofía de las Ciencias en la Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalem – Isarel, el Programa de Alta ...
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Okke Ornstein

Okke Ornstein
Investigative reporter and award-winning TV producer,
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Diego Hernández Martins
Desarrollo de Mesoamérica y de la Alianza del Pacífico
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Cristobal Cortes
Fundador de Degusta, guia de restaurantes con presencia en 4 países de latinoamérica y alimentada por comentarios y calificaciones de sus usuarios. Fue Asesor de Inversiones bursátiles durante 7 años antes de dedicarse a tiempo completo a Degusta. Junto a su familia fundaron el restaurante Brava Pizza & ...
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Alejandro J. Fernandez
Presidente Ejecutivo de Phocus Branding, la primera compañía de consultoría de branding en América Central. Alejandro y su equipo han participado en el desarrollo de marcas como las tiendas duty free Attenza, la nueva ciudad de Panamá Pacífico y las tiendas de conveniencia Vindi en Costa Rica, así como el ...
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Karen Smits
Dr. Karen Smits is an international expert in Organizational Anthropology. Her dissertation “Cross Culture Work: Practices of Collaboration in the Panama Canal Expansion Program” receives much attention in the project management world, and beyond. This study shows the people-side of project management and ...
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Simon Zebede

Simon Zebede
Dedicated to innovation in digital advertising
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James Stice
Development practices that are good for local citizens
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Mayer Mizrachi
Focuses on developing world-class technologies
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Jong Hwa ‘Duly’ Lee
Social innovation and creativity
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Sergio Tertusio
Dean of Universidad Alta Direccion Panama
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Dr. Eldredge Bermingham
dedicated to increasing the understanding of the past, present and future
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Ricaurte ‘Catin’ Vasquez
multilateral and bilateral economic and financial agreements
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Hctor Aguilar
Leadership Positions in multinational companies
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Dr. Joshi Venugopal
research, strategy, finance, medical affairs and marketing
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Olga Sinclair
Olga Sinclair, was born in Panama. Her first art lessons began with her father, painter Alfredo Sinclair. At the early age of fourteen she participated in a group exhibition with renowned Panamanian artists. In 1976, she began her studies in the School of Applied Arts and Works in Madrid, and followed a three ...
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